Doubt Clearing Session

Bal Bharati School is going  to start doubt clearing sessions for students  at school premises .

1. Doubt clearing  sessions will be conducted online and offline (at school  premises) both ,

from 8.30 am to  9.30 am as per the schedule.

Reporting  time-8.00 am.

2. It is for clearing doubts of students and not for teaching, hence student must  note down the problems/ doubts so as to utilize  the time fruitfully for the benefit of students.

3. Students will have to come to school in proper school uniform and carry his/ her own stationery, mask, Sanitizer and water bottle. ( *compulsory for entry in the school premises).

4. If you need teachers guidance at the school premises you will have to come to school along with your parent.

5. No student will be allowed  to enter the school premises  without parent's written consent.

6. It will be the parent's responsibility to ensure their wards safe pick-up and drop to/ from the school.

7. Students taking online doubt clearing sessions will have to join MICROSOFT TEAMS (team of their  own class)  at 8.00 am. Other students can also join if they are interested.


Farewell ceremony of class-XII students will be held on 08th Feb. 2020.


Preboard examination of classes X & XII  are to be started from 11.01.2020